A free recipe – to all my folowers

Hey all,

I wanted to thank you all for your warm comments and positive feedback to my blog.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorites recipes from the book. I have made it several times since I purchased the book and it was as tasty as the first time I made it, so here you go, I would love your comments about it:










Click here to purchase the complete cook book

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Recipe – Gluten-Free Flour

I’ve just stumbled on this great post on a great tip for a free gluten flour,and I really thought it would come useful to you.

Nancy reviles how to make a gluten free flour from 3 different ingredients – I tested it myself – excellent stuff!

You can check it out here, I recommend to you all to try it.


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Paleo Recipe Book – Is this the best way to find gluten free meals recipes ? – My Honest Opinion

Hey, Lior here.

Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of Paleo Recipe Book, which is written by none other than chef Sebastien Noel.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of the Paleo Recipe Book.  What you’re about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know and if it can assist you before grabbing a copy of the book yourself.

This is a review site:  Click here to visit ‘Paleo Recipe Book’ Official Website

So what exactly is this ‘Paleo Recipe Book’ ?

‘Paleo Recipe Book’ is not your ordinary cook book, it is not only gives you gluten free meal recipes but also how to prepare a gluten free meal. Because of that, it is suitable to people with Celiac and for ones that intend to start a gluten free diet. It is important to notice that the huge amounts of recipes are also suitable for the lactose intolerance people as no dairy products included.

On-top of the recipes the ‘Paleo Recipe book’ also gives you several manuals (that I at least found very useful). The manuals are:

  • Where to find food online
  • Your guide to good fats
  • Easy cooking time charts
  • Meat doneness charts
  • Your guide to cooking the perfect steak

The manual that I found more relevant to me (as I am a beef man) is the guide for the perfect steak. It starts with probably the most important issue which is – choosing the steak. Here is his advice: It should look dry and it should also be firm to the touch. A steak that looks wet probably hasn’t aged correctly and will be less tender and less juicy when cooked. Also look for a vivid red, almost purplish, color and clear white fat marbling. The manual goes on explaining the different cuts, preparations before cooking, the cooking itself, additions and after the cooking. This manual is great for your gluten free diet.

I’ve read many cook books over the last few months on this specific topic (how to prepare gluten free meal), and don’t get me wrong, I read some master chef books.  However this was one of the first cook books I read which gave so much beyond just cooking – it gave a new way of life and it really succeeded to transfer the general notion of eating healthy.

Click here to visit ‘Paleo Recipe Book’ Official Website

The ultimate test – Me cooking and my son tasting….

I could have chosen the easy way and use the manual that in the book of where can I find gluten free foods online, but I decided (as part of my review) to test one the recipes myself.

As I am also a chicken fan (and it is my main part of my gluten free diet), I decided to try one of the poultry recipes. I have chosen the ‘Mushroom and hazelnut chicken’ meal (page 80 of the cook book).

So, it started quite easy, I prepared all the ingredients in a nice line and started to follow the instructions. The instructions are fool-proof, even me, that in the past my wife thought I was trying to poison her with my cooking, succeeded to roll out a nice looking dish. BUT, was it tasty?

I will let this picture answer the question……

Here is my son asking for seconds


After the success of my first attempt I tried some more of the gluten free recipes and realized that the recipe I mentioned above is one of the many easy, fool-proof recipes  in this ‘Paleo Recipe Book’.



What are the BAD things about ‘Paleo Recipe book’?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after reading and implementing the recipes and advices:

  • Too many recipes! I got a little lost with all option presented in-front of me.
  • Some ingredients that they mention are hard to get or very expensive (I am talking for example of sea salt) and you can suffice with chipper easier to get ingredients (relevant to this example – regular salt) this is especially important in finding gluten free products.

And how about the GOOD things about ‘Paleo Recipe Book’?

  • First of all. The recipes are great, very easy to implement and the fact that there are so many is good as it is bad because not everyone likes everything and you can find your exact food type that you love for your gluten free diet.
  • In addition to the many recipes, they added some additional bonuses to the cook book: quick and simple paleo meals, 8 week meal plan for your gluten free diet, herb & spice guide and paleo desserts – each one of the bonuses is amazing as is (I like the desserts one….) and remember – they are gluten free desserts!
  • As this is sent to you as a PDF, it is ideal to load on your iPad or iPhone and place by your side while you cook – very handy.

Overall, what do I think?

‘Paleo Recipe Book’, in my eyes is the best non master-chef fancy cook book. Guides on exactly how to prepare gluten free meals (not just on dish but a hole meal). The book is packed from start to finish with tips and other manuals and guides regarding food as a general and healthy food in particular. In fact I’ve learned a few golden nuggets I could use in my new amateur home cooking.  If you are currently considering starting a gluten free diet or have just discovered that you have Celiac, I definitely feel you should pick ‘Paleo Recipe Book’ up and start cooking healthy!  You won’t regret it!

Hope my webpage has helped you,


Click here to visit ‘Paleo Recipe Book’ Official Website

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Useful tips – How to find out if you have Celiac

For people with Celiac, abstention from gluten is a medical must. So if all your abdominal cramps are caused by morning bagel? Should you start avoiding gluten? Here’s what you should know.

Some people really cannot tolerate gluten physically. The gluten triggers the immune system to attack the small intestine, which is also known celiac disease.

The disease is not very common, but only 3% of those patients in fact aware of. Symptoms range from gas, pain, swelling, and fatigue, seizures and depression.

Celiac over time can damage the digestion to the point of malnutrition. Home test kits are sold online, then do blood tests, but a definitive diagnosis requires a biopsy.

Some people are just sensitive to gluten, but “gluten sensitivity” is a medical gray area. There are no tests for it, and although problems such as migraines, skin bays and even autism associated with it, doctors have not found a direct link.

If you suspect you are sensitive to, before you sell your toaster to your neighbors, try the following:

  • Avoid gluten for a few weeks to see if symptoms improve (you can find gluten free meals recipes here).
  • Gradually add a little gluten from your diet.
  • If problems repeatedly, apparently you’ve on to something.

How to avoid gluten?  That is easy to distinguish. Anything with wheat: breads, rolls, cookies and other baked goods. Anything made with grains, rye and oats.

But there are also hidden sources. Gluten is found in soy, for example, beer, hot dogs, some ice cream and much more. So I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Read the small print on the label.
  2. Overwhelmingly replaced the pasta with rice, cakes and cookies with fruit.
  3. Investigate the restaurant waiters (They should be already used to it). Ask if the sauces, meat and fish dishes made in bread crumbs. Ask whether foods have gluten and maybe just maybe they have gluten free meals (This relates to my previous post).

If you feel  good change – Enjoy. Whether it’s lack of gluten or whether it is the extra fruit and vegetables — it does not matter, it is still good change.

The next step is to learn how to prepare gluten free meal at home so you will have some more diversity than just rice and fruit…..For that you will need to find a really good Gluten free cookbook….

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Gluten free diet – Does it really work?

First of all, what is Gluten, Where can we find it?

Gluten is a protein found in cereals – anything with wheat: breads, rolls, cookies and other baked goods. Anything made with grains, rye and oats, and barley.
Gluten is most prevalent in carbohydrate-rich foods such as cereals. Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity is expressed. Treatment of celiac disease is through nutritional therapy alone.

Weight loss diet and gluten-free diet may be the key to losing and maintaining a healthy body weight. But it should be noted that unfortunately gluten-free diet is a diet without regular biscuits and toast etc. … (And this is HARD!!!)

A growing number of people tried the diet inspired by celebrity endorsements such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah, many people believe that the adoption of a gluten-free diet can help them feel more energy, lose weight (weight loss diet) and general health sense.




My personal story on gluten free diet

It started a few years ago (6 years to be exact), after my marriage, I started gaining some weight (like most newly wedded guys…) – I added somewhere of 12 KG. I cannot really explain why it happened, maybe the age factor, maybe the fact that I was no longer ‘available’ even though I did not change my eating habits.

I started trying to lose weight with several diet methods but with no real success. I realized that diet alone is not the answer and started combining sports and diet. I have found out (by chance) that if I eat less bred and do sport, I started to really loose the extra KG. I goggled this issue and then only found the gluten free diet. In-fact, after I have found that eating less bred helped me, I started eating gluten free foods without even knowing. But the real problem I had was how to obtain gluten free meals recipes. There aren’t so many gluten free cookbooks.

Now, after a few months on this diet (and I am not as strict as one can be….) I am back to my original pre-wedding weight, healthier than ever, with more energy than ever. To say that all of it came from this diet I cannot, it probably the combination of it and healthier lifestyle.

You will never know until you try (Just bare in-mind, no more cakes and cookies…..)

In the ‘Paleo Recipe book‘ there are healthy gluten free recipes that help one maintaining a gluten free diet.  In-fact I have found out on this healthy gluten free recipe book by chance when I visited my friend who has Celiac and also found out that he is doing this diet to (From health reasons)

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Having Celiac – How hard can it be?

I wanted to share with you the daily routine of my best friend who has Celiac and how hard  is to prepare a gluten free meal.

The hardest thing he does just before he prepares to eat (mainly outside, at work or in a restaurant) is to check each and every ingredients to make sure that they are gluten free products. This is just a pain in the ass to check everything, every day, every meal – you cannot eat freely, you cannot just be spontaneous to your spouse (food wise….)

All this awful daily routine is mainly because of two main issues that are connected to each other.

1. Lack of awareness

People just do not know what Celiac is, what gluten can cause to a person who suffers from it.  Many people do not even know they have Celiac! Because of that there is low demand for gluten free foods. Also, there is amazingly few gluten free cookbooks – this is really unbelievable because there is a demand.

2. Lack of willingness form the company’s side

If you will pay attention to the ingredients labels of our day to day groceries you will find (on most of them) a disclaimer ‘May contain wheat gluten’ – This small sentence is enough that a person with Celiac will not buy this product. The problem is that the vast majority of products have this disclaimer and thus not suitable. The really annoying issue is that many of products do not contain gluten but in the factories in which the products are manufactured, they have several assembly lines for various of products that some have gluten and the companies fear that some will pass to the other products.

If more people will be exposed to this issue, and demand for a gluten free foods will increase, than I think that the companies will respond. The good thing is nowadays, you can find many gluten free meals recipes.

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